Contact Lenses

Many spectacle wearers spend years unaware that they are suitable for contact lenses. At EyeQ, many of our optometrists are qualified to fit you with the most appropriate contact lens for your prescription and lifestyle. Contact lenses are available for patients who require clear distance vision and clear reading vision, as well as for patients with astigmatism.

EyeQ Optometrists have an extensive range of contact lenses to suit your individual needs. We offer a large range of daily, fortnightly and monthly contact lenses in addition to lenses for particular eye conditions.

Our experienced optometrists can help you find the right contact lens to suit your specific needs.

We stock a wide range of lenses from brands that include: Alcon Ciba, CooperVision and Johnson & Johnson amongst others. You can buy contact lenses from your local EyeQ Optometrist, or simply click here to browse our online range.

Prescribing Contact Lenses

There are a number of steps involved in arriving at a prescription for contact lenses. After assessing the health of the eyes and measuring your prescription, our optometrists will discuss the various types of contact lenses available. We will also discuss lifestyle factors and your visual needs, as these factors often influence the type of contact lens we select for you.

A trial lens will then be placed on the eye so that the optometrist can assess the fit of the lens. Several trial lenses may need to be used to arrive at the best possible fit. When this has been determined, a prescription can be made and contact lenses ordered. You will also be instructed on how to insert and remove the lenses from your eyes, as well as how to clean and maintain the lenses.

Contact Lens Aftercare

Contact lens wearers need to have regular eye examinations. Since a contact lens sits directly on the eye, it increases the risk of complications such as eye infections. Regular eye examinations allow any problems to be detected and corrected early, before they have time to cause permanent damage.

After your initial aftercare appointments, have your eyes examined every six months for “continuous wear” lenses or once a year if you are regularly wearing contact lenses that are not slept in. The optometrist will advise you on the best aftercare schedule for your eyes and type of contact lenses.

Replacement of Contact Lenses

The most commonly prescribed contact lenses, disposable soft contact lenses, will come with a recommended replacement schedule. Adhering to these recommendations and inserting new lenses at the recommended time is important to maintaining good eye health.


Our contact lens provider Alcon is experiencing delays fulfilling orders due to a cyber-security incident involving their freight partner, Toll Group. These delays are across their entire network of optical retailers in Australia. We apologise for an inconvenience caused and encourage you to contact your local EyeQ practice for any urgent requirements.