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What to Expect at Your Visit

Prior to your appointment (typically within a 24-hour window) you will receive a SMS asking you to confirm your booking. Please confirm your booking or contact your local EyeQ practice if you need to reschedule.

At EyeQ Optometrists, we are passionate about your eye health, which means we deliver thorough, personalised eye health assessments for you and your family.

Here’s what you can expect at your appointment:

You’ll need to allow up to 30 minutes for your consultation, so we can carefully assess your ocular health and visual needs.

During your eye examination your optometrist will undertake any or all of the below:

  • Patient history overview – general discussion about your main reasons for coming in, your general health, your past ocular history and your family history
  • Vision test – to ascertain the clarity of your distance and near vision
  • Pupil test – to screen for neurological problems
  • Eye muscle test
  • Spectacle refraction test – to determine your prescription for distance, intermediate (computer) or reading spectacles, bifocal or multifocal (progressive) lenses
  • Eye focussing assessment – to determine your requirements for reading
  • Binocular vision test – to assess how your eyes work together and to measure the degree if present, of double vision
  • Ocular health assessment – including eye pressures, cataract assessment, testing for macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy (associated with diabetes) and other ocular pathologies
  • Colour vision test
  • Imaging assessment – many of our practices are equipped with machines that image the retina- they are particularly useful for macular testing

Sometimes you’ll need a little more from us, so we may need to do further testing. This could include:

  • Assessment of your suitability for contact lenses, including determination of an appropriate contact lens prescription and trialling of contact lenses
  • Visual field testing
  • Determination of suitability for refractive laser surgery
  • Assessment for safety glasses
  • A behavioural optometry assessment including a visual perceptual assessment
  • Prescribing for sports vision requirements

Please note: if we need to do further testing, your appointment may go a little longer than expected.

Following your eye health assessment, your optometrist will outline their findings, explaining the various types of prescription glasses and contact lenses available to you, if needed. Lifestyle factors and your specific visual needs will influence the type of eye wear recommended for you.

Once your prescription has been determined, you may select your frames from our extensive range while receiving guidance from our friendly team based on your lens requirements. Once you are happy with your frame selection an order will be placed and your new eyewear will be ready within a week or so



Whenever possible, we bulk bill under Medicare. Your optometrist may at times need to charge a fee for your consultation or extra testing. We will explain any charges and the importance of these extra tests during your assessment.

We bulk bill pensioners, health care card holders and school-aged children.


Supporting those in need

For anyone unable to afford glasses, the State Government provides a limited program to provide spectacles at no charge. Our staff will explain the eligibility requirements and application process.


Veteran’s Affairs

We provide a range of eyewear at no cost, for patients covered by Veterans’ Affairs.

Please note: This offer is only available at some of our clinics. Our staff will be happy to advise you of your entitlements.


Seniors Concessions

Concessions are available for seniors and pensioners. Choose from our great range of frames, including our No Gap range.

Ready to make an appointment? Call us today on 1300 769 882 or click here to find your nearest EyeQ Optometrist.


Our contact lens provider Alcon is experiencing delays fulfilling orders due to a cyber-security incident involving their freight partner, Toll Group. These delays are across their entire network of optical retailers in Australia. We apologise for an inconvenience caused and encourage you to contact your local EyeQ practice for any urgent requirements.