Set your sights on a more active lifestyle

Set your sights on a more active lifestyle 19 Dec, 2016

We all enjoy the feeling of being fit and healthy but sometimes we need to kick down the barriers to exercise rather than letting practical things deter us. For some that means having the right shoes or outfit to get moving, while for others that can include making sure we have the best vision to feel confident in our chosen exercise.

If you think your vision might be standing in the way of exercising, your optometrist can create a tailored vision solution for you.

“Just as sporting equipment has evolved so have vision solutions. Updated contact lenses, orthokeratology and sports performance glasses all make exercise so much easier,” explains Shirley Walker, EyeQ Optometrists.
Contact lenses are the ideal solution for many because most spectacle prescriptions adapt for contact lenses. They also have the benefit of improved peripheral vision with an unobstructed central field of view and they work well in all weather.

“Single use, daily disposable, contact lenses are perfect for occasional and full time wear. The latest designs are exceptionally comfortable, easy to handle and do not dry out,” says Shirley.

“Modern contact lenses have come a long way so it’s worth giving them another try.”

Another new development for exercising is orthokeratology (also called ortho-k or corneal refractive therapy) which offers freedom from vison correction during the day. Orthokeratology involves wearing specially designed gas-permeable contact lenses over-night. The lenses gently reshape your eyes for good vision without glasses or contacts during the day and can be an ideal correction for water sports.

You might also benefit from sports performance glasses which are worn over your contact lenses or made into your spectacle prescription.

“The frames are lightweight, impact resistant and wrap around your face for a snug fit. Some even float in water” says Shirley, “Their best feature is a lens tint which is tailored to your sport be it golf, cricket, skiing, running or water activities.”

Don’t let your vision stop you from enjoying the sports you love when your optometrist has so many solutions for an active lifestyle.

<b>Tips to get you active:</b>

      1. Think about what’s standing in your way – mentally or physically – and take steps to remove those barriers
      2. Free yourself from your everyday spectacles. Try the latest contact lens designs. You’ll be impressed by the comfort and clarity of vision.
      3. Get that extra advantage with sports performance lens tints.

There’s never been a better time to explore the latest in contact lens and sportswear technologies. Your EyeQ optometrist will take the time to help you see better for your active lifestyle. Book your eye examination here today.

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