Handy guide to find the best contacts for your lifestyle

Handy guide to find the best contacts for your lifestyle 30 Jul, 2017

There are few things that you cannot do while wearing contact lenses. Contacts are easy to wear, feel virtually weightless and can correct your vision with minimal interruption to your daily life. Contact lenses are an excellent alternative to glasses for outdoor activities because they’re not as vulnerable to damage or dislodgement in rough-and-tumble activities.


Use this guide to help you find the best contacts to wear for your everyday lifestyle:


Swimming with contact lenses increases the risk of an eye infection. It is best to use single-use contacts which are known as daily disposables, and goggles as well, to minimise exposure to dirty water. The contact lenses can fit a little tight after swimming, so it is best not to take them out immediately after.


Long Days or Nights
The best contacts for when you plan to wear your lenses for long periods are soft contact lenses that have a high oxygen transmissibility and low water content like a silicone hydrogel. This will help keep your eyes from dehydrating through long hours of wear.


Indoor environments
Indoor wear often means an environment with air conditioners and computer use, when blinking is often reduced. Once again it is best to choose a lens that won’t dry out easily, like a silicone hydrogel such as Alcon Dailies Total 1.


Outdoor Environments
Outdoor environments are often dusty, and can be a challenge to rigid contact lens wearers. Soft lenses are recommended as they are less affected by dust, but if rigid lenses must be worn, a special type called a scleral lens will perform better in dusty conditions.


Exercise and Other Sports
Some sports require fast visual decisions and rapid eye movements. It is important that contact lenses are fitted so that they are not too loose. Disposable lenses are ideal for contact sports where lenses may be inadvertently dislodged. Make sure you take spares in case that happens.


Continuous Wear
Some lens wearers like to wear their contacts for several days or weeks at a time. This can be done, but significantly increases risk of infection. It is important that the lenses are fitted carefully, and regular eye health check-ups are performed to identify any developing problems which may occur before permanent damage is done.


Dry eyes
Often contact lenses exacerbate dry eyes, and are the major reason for people deciding to stop wearing lenses. There are new lenses now that hardly dehydrate in the eye at all, and these are perfect if you notice your eyes feel tired or sore towards the end of the day.


Contact lenses are not one size fits all. The activities that you engage in and lifestyle that you lead may benefit from a variety of lens types, depending on the situation.


Daily disposables are the safest, most hygienic contact lenses. These lenses offer the newest water gradient technology which prevents ocular surface dehydration and reduces friction – the EyeQ lens of choice.


The best way to maximise your vision is to check with your optometrist which lenses suit your lifestyle – speak to one of our experts at your local EyeQ Optometrists.

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