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  • 01 Dec, 2020

    Get Zoom ready in a flash

    Many workplaces have started to bring their employees back to the office, at least for a portion of the week as we all try to get back to some kind of “normal” during COVID-19. Even so, there’s still plenty of people who are working from home and enjoying perks such as less or no commute, more family and friends time and wearing activewear throughout the day…assuming you get out of your pyjamas. Remove the need for make-up and now we really are in heaven!

    Your day is going smoothly. You’re ticking things off your ‘to-do’ list, making phone calls, sending emails and then the alert you’ve been anxiously awaiting lands in your inbox. That’s right…you’ve been invited to a Zoom meeting and video is mandatory. It’s not that you don’t want to see your colleagues but the thought of making yourself look presentable seems out of this world at this stage.

    Luckily, there are plenty of easy ways to get ready for your next Zoom conference call and you should manage it in five minutes or less. Some “essentials” are required on stand-by but you likely have most of these items lying around already.

    Here, we share our top 3 tips to get Zoom ready in a flash and look great while on-screen.


    Step 1: Skin and make-up

    The first thing you’ll want to focus on is your skin, but there’s no need to go through a whole 10-step routine. You can keep things very simple and opt for your favourite moisturiser to make your skin look more vibrant. If you’re up for it you can go a few steps further by layering some basic make-up including some mascara to make your eyes “pop”.

    Changing your overall look can be super easy by simply changing the colour tones used in your make-up pallet. It’s just a case of experimenting (well before your meeting however).

    Gents, for you we recommend running a comb through the hair and neatening up that beard, goatee or whatever is going on around your face.


    Step 2: Wardrobe

    Let’s face it, you only need to worry about your top half so find yourself a nice shirt or blouse and keep the elastic band waist pants on.


    Step 3: Eyewear

    There are so many eyewear brands out there that glasses wearers are spoilt for choice these days. From classic to bold, a variety of materials and eco-friendly options you are certain to find the best specs for your style.

    For advice on what suits your face shape read our blog post. Each EyeQ practice carries its own unique mix of brands so be sure to check with your local practice before you head in if your have your heart set on something. You can preview some of our brands here but you’ll find a lot more in-store.

    We’ve got loads of great second pair offers available year-round including free second pair, 50% off second pair and free plano sunglasses.

    Our optometrists will recommend the best lenses based on your individual vision requirements and our highly trained optical dispensers will share their passion for fashion and assist you in finding the perfect pair (or two) based on your lifestyle and needs.

    Getting Zoom ready doesn’t need to be daunting or take that long, you just need the right tools and accessories on hand.

    Pop in to view the latest collections or book an eye test if you are due.

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Our contact lens provider Alcon is experiencing delays fulfilling orders due to a cyber-security incident involving their freight partner, Toll Group. These delays are across their entire network of optical retailers in Australia. We apologise for an inconvenience caused and encourage you to contact your local EyeQ practice for any urgent requirements.