EyeQ 6/6 Service

For your eyes to be in the very best health your glasses need to be too. That’s why every pair of glasses we sell at EyeQ comes with the EyeQ 6/6 Service; a no-cost 6 point service every 6 months that helps keep your frames and lenses in tip top shape, and fitting perfectly.

What’s next?

We’ll take care of all the next steps. 6 months after your purchase look out for an SMS reminder from us telling you your service is due. No appointment is necessary, simply come in to practice when it suits you.

How does it work?

Every 6 months after your purchase we’ll get in touch with you to remind you it’s time to come in for your service. When you pop in to practice one of our team will conduct a 6 point check:

  • Adjust your frame to make sure the fit is just right for you
  • Tighten any loose screws & replace broken nose pads
  • Assess the alignment
  • Clean your lenses & assess them for any manufacturing anomalies
  • Using our ultrasonic cleaner, you’ll get a thorough cleaning of the delicate frame parts that you can’t see
  • Replenish your lens cloth & lens spray


The EyeQ 6/6 Service is just another way we make sure we have happy patients, every day.