5 Fashion Must-Do’s For Choosing Your Frames

5 Fashion Must-Do’s For Choosing Your Frames 30 Aug, 2016

There’s no time like Spring to update your eyewear – the fabulous new styles, shapes and colours that arrive in our practices for the Spring/Summer season mean even the EyeQ team members start creating Wish Lists!


Here are their top tips for choosing your new frames:


Forget any old ideas you have about what does and doesn’t suit you!
Keep an open mind and try on frames that might be outside your normal comfort zone – have fun trying different looks. You’d be surprised how often our patients love a radical change when they have our help in getting it right.


Choose a frame that’s the opposite shape to your face.
For example, if you have a square face, avoid square or angled frames as they may accentuate your own angles. Try oval or round frames to soften your face.


Find your fit.
Your glasses need to provide adequate coverage under and around the eyes and sit properly on your nose without resting on your cheeks. Do the ‘smile test’ – if you smile and the glasses rise off your bridge, move on to the next pair!


If you opt for a solid and dark frame – especially black – it’s all about the shape.
Go for a sharp, retro look but make sure you have one of our qualified team help make sure it’s the right fit for you.


Don’t be afraid to go bold, glitzy and glamorous this year – especially with sunglasses.
Retro chic is a big trend, especially with mirrored lenses and cat-eye frames.

And as for any faux pas to avoid…

  • Pay attention to your brow line. Contours of the frame should follow the general shape of your brow and should never ride above the brow line.
  • The biggest fashion mistake you can be is not expressing yourself! Let your inner fashionista out and you’ll be amazed at the transformation in confidence.

Remember that your team at EyeQ Optometrists are not only passionate about helping you find your new look, we’re also experts when it comes to making sure we get that look ‘just right’ for you.


EyeQ Optometrists
01st Jan 1970 10:32am

Hi Patricia,
Inside the eye is a clear lens and sometimes it goes hazy. This is what we call a cataract. A lot of people mistakenly think cataract is a growth on the eye, but it is just the clear lens going hazy. Because all the light going to the back of the eye passes through the lens, a hazy lens causes the vision to be hazy too. Sometimes cataracts occurs following disease or injury, but most commonly it happens very slowly with age. Currently, surgery is the only treatment for cataracts and it is a very common procedure. Whilst not completely without risk, the surgery is usually very successful. In cataract surgery, the hazy lens is removed and replaced with a clear plastic lens, restoring clear vision.

Patricia Hart
01st Jan 1970 11:19am

Optician has diagnosed me with cataracts
Would like info into what cataracts are, what causes them?
What is the treatment? I understand it is removal of the lens of the eye and then replacement with what?

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